Gain up to $100K in 0% business credit in as little as 30 days! 

Learn the underwriting criteria the bank uses to guarantee high limit business credit approvals!


Did you know the average American has less than $25,000 in credit card availability?

Our average credit card approval for a single personal credit card is $25,000! 

Our Average Business Credit Card approval is $40,000!

Our average first round of funding is $75K - $100K in 0% Business Credit Funding! 



Access up to $100K in 0% Business Credit


Repeat the process every 6 months!

Learn the formula to accessing 0% business credit:

  • Utilize the same strategies the wealthy use to access money.
  • The banks and the wealthy don't use their own money, why should you? 
  • With our Infinite Funding Strategy, you can run a new sequence every 6 months!
  • Gain 10's of thousands of dollars on each individual approval and invest in your dream business.
  • Infinite funding possibilities, only limited by the banks that offer 0% accounts!

Yes, It Really Is Possible:



 278 Business Owners Funded  ✔️


 $50,000 money back Guarantee ✔️



We only take 10 new funding clients per month. First come first serve:



Infinite Funding Strategy 


Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Financial Future?

This 6-month masterclass will teach you everything you need to know to optimize your personal credit and gain access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in 0 % business funding. You’ll learn how to:

  • Read and understand your credit report.
  • Optimize your existing credit profile (Increase your average high comparable credit card limits.
  • Develop Non-Personally Guaranteed Corporate Credit (access credit accounts that report to your business profile without requiring a personal guarantee).
  • Leverage our business relationship managers and request specific amounts on high limit business credit cards with 0% apr.
  • Maximize Sequential Business Credit Card Funding!
  • Gain access up to $100 thousand dollars in 0% business credit every 6 months

Leverage our industry knowledge, gain access to capital, and fund any new or current business venture.



I'm Timothy J. Roberts...


After working in the corporate credit industry for nearly a half of a decade, I found my customers facing the same dilemma time and again. There was a consistent demand for more capital, but the results were nominal.

The more I studied the correlation of  Consumer and Commercial Credit, the more clear the entire funding picture became.  We  implemented our findings and mass adoption followed. Forming partnerships with some of the most renowned leaders in the credit space. When our new strategy was properly leveraged, we were able to access 20-40% higher approvals on a consistent basis.

When revenue based financing was added to the mix, the sheer volume of increased limits on approvals was staggering!  Individual lines of credit as large as $100,000 consistently!  That's when it hit me! My job wasn't just to build credit, it was to help small business owners, people, get access to capital. As much as they needed to be successful! Business Funding Firm was born!  We have built credit and funded over 200 customers, and the list grows daily!  


"Tim and I have been working together for over 1 year now and his knowledge in the business and personal credit industry is unmatched. From answering all of my questions in detail and educating me to giving it his all in order to ensure to the best if his ability that I get approved for all of the necessary accounts to build my business credit file Tim and his team are the best…period. If you need to build your business credit file then you’re in the right place!"

- Bryce Marchant

"Great company to deal with. Everything I was told that was going to happen happened. Very knowledgeable. Tim has been awesome to work with. I highly recommend Business Funding Firm"

- Jason Jacobs

"Excellent experience, I'm learning so much. Very knowledgeable service"

- Troy

Infinite Funding Strategy


If you don't get a minimum of $50,000 within 6 months, we will give you a refund. This is based on our terms and conditions, and predicated based on required steps outlined in our course material.  


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