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Business Credit Building Service


With Business Funding Firm’s business credit building service, our team of experienced business funding experts can help evaluate your credit and provide in-depth consultation on the lending options you potentially have. Make sure to also download our Free Guide to Building Business Credit above.


What is Business Credit?


Similar to Consumer (Personal) Credit, you can develop Commercial Credit for a business. Rather than reporting to a social security number, accounts report to the Tax ID Number (EIN) of the business.

That's right. You can build business credit, and you can do it without personally guaranteeing it, or personally assuming the liability of your business accounts! The trouble is, not all accounts that are available, report to the major business credit reporting agencies. This can make it extremely challenging to develop a business credit history.

Along with this strict reporting criteria, there are also a number of additional factors that come into play when determining business credit. Things like: How long your business has been established, what industry your business operates in, how many accounts you have that report payment history, and what your business credit utilization looks like. 

That's exactly why we created a program that teaches how to build business credit and it works! 

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What is My Business Credit Score?


Similar to Personal Credit, Business Credit reports to Credit Bureaus. They do differ from personal credit bureaus, however. The Primary Business Credit Bureaus are: Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Small Business, and Equifax Business


Dun & Bradstreet

The business credit Scoring criteria with Dun & Bradstreet reports from 0-100 points and is also known as a paydex score. Anything above an 80 is considered a "good" business credit with Dun & Bradstreet. 


Experian Small Business

The business credit scoring criteria with Experian Small Business is similar to DnB, since it is also reported on a scale of 0-100. A business credit score of 80 with Experian Small Business is also considered "good" business credit through their grading criteria. 


Equifax Business

Of the major business credit bureaus that report business payment history, Equifax is definitely the most diverse. Equifax business actually has 3 different scoring models. 

The Payment Index Score ranges from 1-100 and is based on your business payment history. We are aiming for an 80-100 indicating no late or missed payments. 

The Credit Risk Score ranges from 101-992. The higher the score, the lower the risk. Our goal should be above 556, whereas a score of 0 indicates bankruptcy.  

The Failure Risk Score ranges from 1000-1610. The lower the score here, the higher the likelihood of business failure within the next 12 months. This score is composed of commercial demographic data, credit and payment history, as well as your company legal records. 

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How do I Check My Business Credit Score?


Similar to Personal Credit, you can go to the individual Credit Bureaus and pay for copies of your Commercial Credit Reporting history, costing as much as $99 for a single report.  

Business Funding Firm has developed many strategic partnerships in our years in business. 

One of the partnerships we created is with a company called NAV


Nav is a  financial tech company that aligns qualifications, predicts needs, and facilitates transactions between data providers, lenders, partners, and small businesses.  This business model allows them to provide access to both your personal and business credit reports with all of the major business credit bureaus for a low monthly rate. 


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How to Build Business Credit 

Step 1: Forming a Corporation

When registering a business with your local Secretary of State for the purposes of building business credit, you want to ensure you are creating the correct type of entity. Each will vary dependent on how you wish to file your business taxes, so I would highly recommend you speak with a certified tax professional prior to registering your company. 

How to Remain compliant when operating in multiple states!

It's no secret that different states have different tax rates. In this video, we teach you how to remain tax compliant when operating in a state different from which you live. 

Step 2: Registering for a Tax Identification Number (EIN)

You will 

You will  need to register your business with the IRS. Similar to a Social Security Number, a Tax Identification Number is the number that Identifies your business, and allows you to pay taxes on your entity. 

Step 3: Lender Compliance

Banks and financial institutions want to lend money, it's what they do. They just  don't want to get burnt. In this video, we teach you to mitigate financial risk, by showing that your business is established!

What We Do

Build Real Business Credit Now that Reports to your Business EIN (Tax ID Number).

Personal Credit not Required!


It's no secret, that getting the best rates on personal loans or consumer credit cards is achieved by having a strong personal credit profile! 

We take that same logic and apply it to your business! Regardless of the shape of your personal credit, we help you develop your business credit profile. 

The Business Credit Course will teach you how to build an A+ Business Credit Profile with a proven method completed by thousands of small business owners. It's extremely difficult to bankroll a business with personal credit. Many business owners get hyper-leveraged, or simply run out of credit!  Let us teach you how to limit your liability as the  business owner, while gaining access to 10's of thousands of dollars in approvals without using your personal credit! 


Business Funding Firm will teach you:


  • How to properly structure your business
  • Create a Business Credit Profile with an Excellent reporting history to all the Major Business Credit Bureaus
  • Get Guaranteed Business Credit Approvals
  • Establish Business Creditability without a personal guarantee

Business Funding Firm will teach you how to set your business up properly to meet lender compliance. Financial institutions want to give your business credit as long as the risk is mitigated.  We incorporate that extensive industry knowledge gained from decades of experience and paint them a masterpiece with your Business Credit Profile!  


Types of Business Credit Available: 


  • Net/Vendor Accounts - Did you bid a job and want to put your supplies on credit until you get paid? 
  • Store Accounts - Most national retailers are available!
  • Fleet Fuel Accounts - Gas cards from most National Gas Stations
  • Revolving Credit Card Accounts - Need cash access but don't want to personally guarantee a credit card? 
  • Vehicle Financing -Great for company vehicles and tax breaks. New 18 wheeler accounts available also! 
  • Business Lines of Credit, Equipment Leasing, and Term Loans! We work with more than 75 approved lenders!

Business Funding Firm has a proven method of gaining access to non-personally guaranteed accounts by taking a systematic approach to building Corporate Credit.

Unlike Personal Credit, not all Corporate Credit accounts report to the business credit bureaus. We utilize the accounts that do report. So if your business is using credit accounts, you're getting credit and actively developing your business credit profile!

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