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Business Funding 


Business Funding can be a very challenging area to tackle especially on your own. Luckily, the team at Business Funding Firm has spent the last decade researching the underwriting criteria as well as developing relationships with all of the major banks and certified lenders that are out there. All you have to figure out is what type of Credit you need, and we do the rest! 

Much of the risk can be assumed by the business owner, but the name of the game is showing credit worthiness in order to become fundable. That is why we created a program that outlines every area of building business credit! 

Did you know that when you go to a bank and apply for any type business funding, they first pull your business credit profile? Generally speaking, most businesses don't have business credit established, so the application defaults to the Consumer Credit Report. 

When you have both a strong corporate credit profile and an excellent personal credit profile, you are likely to get 20 - 40% higher business funding approvals!


It is recommended to have a strong business credit history established prior to applying for any type of business funding, but it is not required.  No matter which program you are  interested in, 

Business Funding Firm will teach you: 

  • What  information the banks are looking for
  • What the requirements will be to get approved
  • How Business Credit approvals affect your personal credit
  • How to gain virtually unlimited access to Business Credit Accounts'


Business Funding Options


  • Non-Personally Guaranteed Business Credit Funding Funding from most large national retailers, credit cards, equipment and vehicle financing without the use of personal credit. 
  • 0% Credit Card Fundingmost accounts available have 0% terms for 12-18 months! (No minimum timeframe for business!)
  • Loans SBA Loans and Term Loans
  • Lines of Credit - Business lines of credit to scale your business!
  • Grants - Grants are available at different times dependent on your geographic location. 
  • Cash Advances - Merchant cash advances usually have a high rate of interest, but might come in clutch if you are facing detrimental circumstances.
  • P.0. Financing and Credit Lines - Many Manufacturers and suppliers have this option available to wholesalers and distributors. 
  • Equipment Financing Program - Working relationships with key people in finance to help you gain access to equipment and possibly cash access. Must meet requirements. 
  • Government Backed Funding Options These are programs that are available to business owners. Usually they will be either Loans or Grants, so repayment may vary. 


Business Funding Application


Approvals are subject to minimum requirements