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Business Credit Card Service


With our business credit card service, Business Funding Firm can help you acquire multiple business credit cards that you can use as an alternative to a business loan or to use for other finances needed for successful operation of your business. Importantly, understanding the terms behind business credit cards will help you be responsible with your business credit rating.

(This may be the "PERFECT OPTION" if your business is less than 2 years old!) 

 Being a new business can make it very challenging on many levels, especially if you are in need of capital for scaling or growth. Most banks want to lend money providing it is a good investment, but the reality is, most business owners in their infancy simply do not qualify for traditional funding. Below is a comparison model for Traditional Business Funding VS Business Credit Card Funding.  


 Underwriting Guidelines:


Traditional Business Funding (SBA Loans, Term Loans, Business Lines of Credit) General Requirements: 
  • Minimum of 2 Years in Business
  • Tax Documents 
  • Proven Business Revenue, with 20% down payment of financed amount 
  • Financial Statements
  • Good Personal Credit (750 Credit Score with no Derogatory marks)
  • Less than 4 Total Personal Inquiries
  • No outstanding Business Debt (Ie; Loans)

As a new business, some of the requirements for traditional business funding can be impossible to meet. That doesn't mean Business Funding is out of the question, it just means we have to think outside of the box.

One rather unconventional approach that's available to you as a business owner, but still retains some amazing benefits is Business Credit Card Funding! Business Credit Card Funding is one of, if not the only method that has the option of 0% interest for up to 18 months! Some business credit cards allow you additional perks like, travel points for spend, bonus points for signing up, and cash back! Try finding a business loan with cash back...  

Business Credit Card Funding Requirements:
  • Own a Business (Minimum  Timeframe not Required)
  • Stated Revenue (Financial Documents not Required)
  • Good Personal Credit (Minimum of 725 Credit Score
  • Multiple High Value Credit Cards (Ideally 3 accounts with $10k + Available Limits)
  • Low Utilization (Under 30 Percent)

With our proven strategy, this strategic option allows us to help your business secure $50K - $150K in business credit card approvals!  Many of the business credit cards also have amazing introductory terms consisting of 0% APR for a period of 9 -18  months!  Due to the relaxed underwriting criteria and the added bonus of introductory terms, this can be a great option to help your business gain access to the funding you need!



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What if I don't Qualify for Business Credit Cards? 


We get it, not every business has perfect personal credit, current access to high value personal credit cards, or even low balances on the credit cards they do have. 

It is extremely difficult these days to build a "perfect business," especially in businesses infancy. You may have an amazing product and stellar marketing, but you may not have the funding available to purchase add spend. Or maybe you have a great website established, but your marketing needs work. The point is, we get it. Every business is at a different stage. 

Since each business is at a different fundamental stage of development, it would make sense to choose the correct stage of business funding.

Non-PG Business Credit Course 


Our Business Credit Course was developed for clients that may or may not have good personal credit, may be a newly established business, or maybe it's an established business that needs to secure business credibility. 

A business still has access to build business credit without meeting any of the required qualifications for business credit cards. We can teach you how to secure up to $50,000 in brand new, non-personally guaranteed business credit approvals in a 6-month time frame!  All you need is a properly structured business with a tax identification number to get started!

Whether you currently qualify for business credit cards or not, our team of business lending experts can help you on the path toward securing funding for your business. Call us today for more information about our business credit card service.

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