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Government Approved Funding Solutions


(State Small Business Credit Initiative)


The State Small Business Credit Initiative is a program that was designed to help stimulate the workforce market by providing access to funding for new and established businesses. 

The Cares act of 2021 approved $10 Billion dollars for this fund. As of September 14th, 2022, most states have been funded. 

Because this initiative was developed to stimulate the economy and job market, the qualification criteria has been drastically reduced to help business owners gain access. 

The funding varies from state to state and includes but is not limited to: grants, loans, and or business development assistance. 

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(Employee Retention Tax Credit)


The Employee Retention Tax Credit was developed to reward business owners for staying open during the Covid 19 Pandemic and lighten the burden of Employment Cost. The government approved a tax credit with a maximum benefit of up to $26K per each employee retained during 2020 and 2021. 

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Self Employed Paid Leave Tax Credit


If your business experienced a partial or total shutdown during 2020 or 2021 (includes having been diagnosed with Covid-19, taking care of a family member who was diagnosed with Covid-19, or your business being shut down partially or completely due to the Covid Pandemic then you may be eligible for this tax credit!

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